Patent Agent Program

About Us

opticsOur distinct, forward-thinking Patent Agent Program sets us apart from other firms. Our business model is a proven highly effective method for developing both a technically and legally savvy team of experts.

Under the Patent Agent Program, the firm actively recruits technical professionals from industry and top universities throughout the world. These technical professionals are hired in classes of four to eight people, once or twice a year depending upon the firm’s needs.  Initially designated as “patent engineers”, these professionals undergo an intensive in-house training program for the first year of employment. At the end of the first year, the patent engineers are expected to sit for and pass the Patent Agent Exam, conducted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and thus become Patent Agents.  Once a Patent Agent, the firm offers tuition assistance for Agents wishing to enroll as part time law students. Although Patent Agents are not required by the firm to attend law school, the vast majority choose to do so.  In Houston, the firm is fortunate to be located near the University of Houston Law Center, which has a nationally-ranked evening law school program specializing in IP law.

As a result of this program, by the time our Agents become Patent Attorneys, they have already benefited from intensive in-house training and mentorship, as well as five years of practical experience.  At this point, they may choose to continue to focus on prosecution, or move into litigation and licensing with the benefit of a strong foundation in prosecution.

We believe that through this rigorous training we have achieved our goal of superior quality and cost-effective client representation. Under partner supervision, these patent agents provide exceptional value to the client in terms of both technical knowledge and cost efficiency.

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