Bill Strahm


Title: Patent Engineer

Location: Silicon Valley


Bill Strahm assists with prosecuting foreign and domestic patents in the software industry.  Mr. Strahm has 25 years of experience as a software engineer, delivering products in the networking, security and system software area.

Most recently Mr. Strahm was working at F5 Networks as a software engineer delivering their VPN Client for Big-IP.

Mr. Strahm’s work at Mellanox was working with high speed networking, RDMA, storage and HPC.  He worked to develop the first implementation of GPU direct to allow GPU accelerators in HPC clusters to communicate directly memory to memory.  Mr. Strahm also worked with several storage companies to integrate Mellanox’s high speed networking silicon into the company’s storage products.

Mr. Strahm spent time at Intel twice, working in both research labs and product groups.  He was instrumental in the early deployments of multicast traffic in a production environment for corporate video conferences.  This led to the need to manage streaming traffic, and the creation of the Realtime Transport Protocol Management Information Base inside the IETF that was published as RFC 2959.  Mr. Strahm went on to work on software to manage all of Intel’s networking devices.  Mr. Strahm ended back in the architecture labs where he was instrumental in creating the software for Intel’s first IPSec offload NIC.  Mr. Strahm went on to work on a modular Infiniband Switch.  While in this role – he created and started chairing the IP over Infiniband working group inside the IETF that lead to the IP over IB networking standard.  Mr. Strahm also worked on Intel’s video server products and Wireless Networking products including the first implementation of what became the Wireless Display technology that bypassed the WiFi base station and talked to the monitor directly.

Mr. Strahm spent time between his times at Intel working for two networking startups, Sanera and Nextgig.  At Sanera Mr. Strahm was responsible for the network management for the high speed switch that included Ethernet, Fiber Channel and Infiniband.  At Nextgig Mr. Strahm was responsible for software to look at Oracle networking traffic, and respond to database queries out of a local cache before the traffic would make it to a server.

Mr Strahm was at Sun Microsystems for 2 years leading a team that implemented IP over IB and the Session Direct Protocol inside Solaris 10.  This work involved taking the low level Infiniband verbs and expressing them to the IP and sockets layer.

Mr. Strahm spent time at McAfee where he owned the corporate firewall product and worked on the Host Intrusion Protection System.


  • B.S., Electrical Engineering Technology, Texas A&M University (1993)


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  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)


  • English