Ovid Jacob, Ph.D.


Title: Patent Engineer

Location: Silicon Valley



Ovid Jacob assists with prosecuting foreign and domestic patents in the software industry.  Mr. Jacob has 18+ years of experience as a software engineer and 5+ years of experience teaching physics at San Francisco Bay Area colleges.

Most recently, Mr. Jacob has been coding in python, implementing machine learning, data visualization with Tableau, SQL, Git, iPython Notebook and Matplotlib. He has also been web scraping, data cleaning, doing exploratory data analysis, linear and logistic regression, cross validation, test-train method, stochastic gradient descent, natural language processing, LDA, ROC, using Python, its associated libraries and SQL. He also constructed models using supervised and unsupervised learning techniques utilizing regression, classification, and clustering, as well as evaluated the models using cross-validation, precision/recall, and prepared visualizations and reports for presentation.

Mr. Jacob has used the following frameworks, including: Perforce, Jenkins, Selenuim, GlassFish, Apache Tomcat, MVC, Struts, Cacao, JSP, ant; programming languages & packages: C, shell, python, sklearn, pandas, numpy, Perl, Java, Expect, Tcl,  XML, JavaScript,Ruby, Mathematica, MAPLE, HTML; test frameworks: CTI/TET; work flows: Agile, Scrum; IDEs: NetBeans, Eclipse,  Selenium IDE, Komodo IDE, SunStudio; databases: Postgres, MySQL; virtualization solutions: xVM Server, VMware, Virtual Box, Parallels, Xen; grid computing platforms: Grid Engine, PBS Pro; management solutions: Sun Control Station, xVM Server, Ops Center; operating systems: Solaris, *nix, Mac OSX, Windows, CLE, SELinux; other debugging tools: Firebug, xPath Checker, dbx, mdb, kdb; computer protocols: HDLC, DLPI, Ethernet, PPP, IP, TCP, HTTP.

As a Quality Engineer, Mr. Jacob led projects for xVM Server, a Sun Microsystems virtualization solution; developed and implemented test plans for xVM Server testing; developed automation for testing browser user interface (BUI) using Selenium; implemented tests for Cacao (JMDK  extension) agents for xVM Server, Ops Center, a data center provisioning solution; implemented WS-MAN tests for xVM Server, Ops Center; developed automated BUI tests for Ops Center using Selenium; integrated Selenium automation tests with CTI/TET test framework; and designed test bed automation framework for Ops Center.

Mr. Jacob has also written, tested, and checked in code fixes to Sun Grid Engine, a Sun Microsystems distributed resource management software, for update releases; re-designed framework, developed test automation for Tcl/Expect test suite used for qualifying Sun Grid Engine software; implemented XML parsing framework, tests; integrated Sun Grid Engine with Sun Control Station, a Sun Microsystems software application for provisioning OSes and monitoring network appliances; led integration of Sun Grid Engine with other Sun products: a server farm for Sun Rays (thin clients); Sun Blades; mail servers.

Mr. Jacob also performed network monitoring and modeling applications using SunNet Manager, CiscoView, HP Internet Advisor, SimPack, NetRule; as well as network modeling, applied queuing theory, modeling network traffic.

Mr. Jacob has led projects for qualifying Ethernet I/O devices: Gigabit Ethernet, Quad Gigabit  Ethernet; compact PCI I/O devices; serial I/O devices;  mixed Ethernet and serial I/O devices; performed code coverage analysis of network drivers; developed new tests for Layer 4 load balancing products; developed and automated existing test suites.


  • Ph.D., Theoretical Physics, Carnegie Mellon University (1989)
  • A.B., Physics, Princeton University (1982)


  • Jacob, Ovid. System and method of applying power laws in optimizing network traffic. U.S. Patent 7,127,504, issued October 24, 2006.
  • Zhu, Jie and Jacob, Ovid., Method and apparatus for measuring multi-connection performance of a server. U.S. Patent 7,007,086, issued February 28, 2006.


Recent Presentations

Publications Based on Doctoral Dissertation

  • Ovid Jacob and Leonard Kisslinger, Phys. Lett. B243, 323 (1990).
  • Ovid. C. Jacob and Leonard S. Kisslinger, Phys. Rev. Lett. 56, 225 (1985).
  • Ovid C. Jacob and Leonard S. Kisslinger, Confining Bethe-Salpeter Equation: A Light-Front Formalism, in “QCD, Theory and Experiment,” Edited by B. A. Campbell, A. N. Kamal, F. C. Khanna, M. K. Sundaresan, World Scientific Publishing, 1988.
  • Leonard S. Kisslinger and Ovid C. Jacob, A Confining Light-Cone Bethe-Slapeter Equation, in “Nuclear and Particle Physics on the Light-Cone,” Edited by Mikkel Johnson and Leonard S. Kisslinger, World Scientific Publishing, 1988.

Publications During SLAC Post-Doc

Other Publications



  • English (fluent)
  • Romanian (fluent)
  • French (limited working proficiency)
  • German (limited working proficiency)
  • Italian (limited working proficiency)
  • Spanish (limited working proficiency)
  • Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew (elementary proficiency)