Practice Areas

25163631_mCopyright law is a distinct practice from patent and trademark law. Key differences in underlying fundamentals of the law, methods of securing legal protection, length of time a work enjoys legal protection, measure of damages in infringement cases, and many other critical areas, involve different analytical approaches and strategies than other areas of intellectual property law. Osha Liang’s copyright attorneys include nationally-recognized experts with decades of experience in copyright, from counseling clients about copyright fundamentals to handling complex, cutting-edge infringement cases.


The core of Osha Liang’s copyright practice involves the prosecution and defense of copyright infringement lawsuits, for clients ranging from individual artists to multinational corporations. Osha Liang’s copyright attorneys have handled complex copyright cases across the country, involving architectural designs, technical drawings, music and music recordings, photography, literary works, computer software, and many other protected works. Whether representing copyright owners or defending those accused of infringement, Osha Liang pursues these matters aggressively, thus maximizing the chances for nonjudicial resolution of the case or, if such resolution is not possible, for the successful litigation of such cases. Particularly in cases where we represent copyright owners, Osha Liang routinely handles copyright infringement cases on alternative fee bases, including contingency or hybrid fee arrangements.

Representative copyright infringement lawsuits handled by Osha Liang’s copyright attorneys include:

Frank Betz Associates, Inc. v. D.R. Horton, Inc. (N.D. Ga.)
Frank Betz Associates, Inc. v. Jim Walters Homes (D.S.C.)
Kipp Flores Architects v. Signature Homes (E.D. Va.)
Kevin Young Designer, Inc. v. Abshire Custom Homes (S.D. Tex.)
King Empire v. Milan Courtyard Homes (S.D. Tex.)
Patrick Berrios Design, Inc. v. Arthur Monroe Construction (S.D. Tex)
Blackmer v. The Woodlands Development Corp. (S.D. Tex.)
Blackmer v. Shadow Creek Ranch (S.D. Tex.)
Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P. v. George F. Tibsherany Architects, Inc. (D. Az.)
Humphreys & Partners Architects, L.P. v. Metropolitan Life et al. (D. Az.)
Roth Architects, Inc. v. Cornerstone Architects, Inc. et al. (N.D. Ill.)
Iggulden Architectual Group v. Woodley Architectural Group (C.D. Cal.)
The Weintraub Organization v. BORM Associates (D. Colo)
Christopher Phelps & Associates v. Galloway (W.D.N.C.)
Schumacher Homes Operating v. Reserve Builders (N.D. Ohio)


Osha Liang copyright attorneys routinely advise their clients on identifying and addressing copyright issues before litigation becomes necessary. From the proper structure of copyright assignments and employee agreements, to licensing agreements that address critical issues, to developing proper practices and procedures to discover, avoid, or police infringement, Osha Liang’s attorneys help clients deal proactively with copyright issues.

Due Diligence

Many copyright infringement lawsuits arise out of routine business transactions, where a party failed to adequately investigate or address the copyright ownership or licensing implications. Drawing on our experience in litigating such disputes, Osha Liang’s copyright attorneys help their clients identify, investigate, and address such issues during the transaction process and thus avoid future litigation.

Copyright Registration

Osha Liang’s copyright attorneys have years of experience with registering copyright claims with the United States Copyright Office, including Special Handling Requests and the new Electronic Copyright Office system. For clients who routinely generate large numbers of copyrighted works, we can train their personnel to handle such registrations internally and develop procedures that maximize available legal protections while minimizing the economic costs of copyright registration.