Post-Grant Proceedings

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20009279_mWith recent legislation reforming U.S. patent law, Osha Liang recognized its clients’ needs are changing. Anticipating new challenges and opportunities for our clients in this evolving regulatory environment, we launched our Post-Grant Practice Group.

Established after passage of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act, the group is a collaborative effort with our Paris office. Our European attorneys have extensive experience practicing post-grant opposition proceedings before the European Patent Office.

By combining our U.S. and European expertise, we are able to offer to our clients a full spectrum of services in post-grant proceedings. These services include oppositions before the EPO, supplemental examination, inter-partes review, post-grant review, ex-parte re-examination, and re-issues before the USPTO.

For clients who involve both our U.S. and European attorneys in contemporaneous post-grant proceedings before the USPTO and EPO, a 20 percent discount will be offered on professional fees.

Post-Grant Practice Group members:

John Osha
Jeff Bergman
Tammy Dunn
Pascale Brochard
Francesa Giovannini

Presentation on Post-Grant Proceedings in the U.S.