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Dec 2012

Osha Liang Secures Affirmance in Inter-Partes Reexamination Case from the Federal Circuit

On December 11, 2012, Osha Liang, representing the patent holder in an Inter-Partes Reexamination, secured an affirmance from the Federal Circuit that the patent at issue was valid.  Inter-Partes Reexamination is a process (now replaced by Inter-Partes Review, after the passage of the American Invents Act) by which a third party can challenge the validity of a patent that the PTO, then at the PTAB…

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Dec 2017

Do You Own What You Think You Own? Part I: Patent Assets, Sales, and Good Faith Purchaser

By: Aron T. Griffith One aspect of managing a global patent portfolio is understanding what patents you have.  Likewise, when acquiring a patent portfolio, it is important to understand what patents you are buying. Asset purchase agreements often simply refer to an attached schedule of patents, and may or may not list all family members.  Oversimplified, “Company A conveys to Company B all of the…

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