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Oct 2017

European Trade Secrets Policy Moving Forward

By: Christophe Besnard With the goal of providing the European Union (EU) with a common, clear and balanced legal framework against unfair competition, the European legislator adopted the EU Trade Secrets Directive (here) on 8 June 2016. The Directive harmonizes the definition of trade secrets, in accordance with existing international standards. Trade secrets are thus defined, in a nutshell, as valuable information for a company…

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Jul 2016

Impact of Brexit on Pan European Design and Trademark Rights

By: Jeffery P. Langer, Aly Dossa, Christophe Besnard In last month’s newsletter, we discussed the effect of Brexit on patent rights (read article here).  As discussed there, other than increased uncertainty as to when and how the Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be implemented, Brexit will not generally disturb the application process for European patent protection.  Applicants will continue to be able to seek central examination…

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May 2016

EU Trade Secrets Directive Approved

By: Christophe Besnard The European Parliament voted on last April 14, 2016 in favor of the EU Trade Secrets Directive. The Council of the European Union (EU) should now approve the Parliament’s position and the Directive be adopted in its current wording. The EU Member States would then have 24 months to adapt their national laws to the objectives of the Directive. The Directive aims to ensure that…

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Mar 2016

The Hottest Product at Your Next Trade Show – A TRO

Partners Tammy Dunn and Jeffery Langer, Ph.D. discuss how trade show TROs can be powerful weapons for IP rights holders and threats to be reckoned with for accused infringers, suggesting that exhibitors on both sides of a burgeoning IP dispute would be wise to have counsel explore this potential remedy. A French adaptation of the article was also published in the francophone IP revue (RFPI).  European…

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