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Jun 2019

Supreme Court Update: Government Agencies Is Not a “Person” That May Initiate Post-Grant Proceedings

By Kevin Kuelbs 繁體中文 In Return Mail, Inc. v. United States Postal Service, No. 17-1594 (June 10, 2019), the Supreme Court of the United States issued a 6-3 decision holding that a government agency is not a “person” eligible to challenge patents under the USPTO’s various post-grant trial proceedings. Prior to the passage of the Leahy-Smith American Invents Act (AIA), there were two administrative options…

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Nov 2017

Certifying Priority Electronically: Updates to the USPTO’s PDX Program

By: Kevin Kuelbs The Priority Document Exchange (“PDX”) streamlines the process for transmitting priority documents among participating patent offices worldwide by providing electronic access.  Utilizing the PDX allows applicants to avoid fees for obtaining certified copies of priority documents and the incidental costs associated with transmitting and filing priority documents with the appropriate patent office. Agreements to transmit documents via the electronic PDX exist between…

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