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Feb 2020

U.S. Patent Will Expire 44 Years After Earliest Effective Filing Date Due to U.S. Army Secrecy Order

By Nelson Monterrosa 繁體中文 The U.S. Government uses secrecy orders to protect national security by preventing certain patent applications from being published, granted, or otherwise available to the public.  However, at least 21 companies have been sued for alleged infringement of a pre-TRIPs U.S. patent for which grant was delayed by 27 years due to a secrecy order.  In what one hopes is an extraordinarily…

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Nov 2017

Improvements in Wearable Optics Lead to Stretchy Optical Fiber Sensors

By: Nelson Monterrosa Wearable sensor research has increased in the last years. The expansion of wearable technologies encourages the development of more efficient sensors for collecting and processing data from the real world. Small wearable sensors allow researchers to track body motion more efficiently. Wearable sensors applications range from allowing physicians to monitor life-threatening conditions to improving the quality of animations in video games. Efficient…

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