U.S. Patent Agent Program

About Us

Osha Liang’s U.S. Patent Agent Program is unique and effective in developing a technically and legally savvy team.  We actively recruit science and engineering graduates from top-rated universities to become Patent Engineers. These individuals are apprenticed in the art of patent practice through the use of practical on-the-job training and weekly lectures. Eventually, these Patent Engineers are encouraged to sit for the USPTO registration exam to become licensed patent agents.  Under supervision, our Patent Engineers and Patent Agents provide exceptional value to clients in terms of both technical knowledge and cost-effectiveness.  Many graduates of the program choose to go on to attend local law schools on a part-time basis with tuition assistance provided by the firm.  In fact, the majority of Osha Liang partners are graduates of the program.  We believe that through this rigorous training, we are able to achieve our goal of superior quality and cost-effective client representation.