Bertrand Clair, Ph.D.


Title: Patent Engineer

Location: Paris


Dr. Bertrand Clair is a Patent Engineer and assists in drafting and prosecuting foreign and domestic patents in the field of telecommunications, nanotechnology, optics, sensors, materials science, and general physics.


Dr. Clair obtained his Ph.D. in physical-chemistry at the Ecole Centrale Paris, where his graduate dissertation focused on laser-induced nucleation and in particular on controling polymorphism switching in supersaturated solutions using pulsed lasers. His thesis deals with the implantation of this method in France for the first time. He used a tailor-made methodology limiting experimental hazard and a special design experimental device. His work is based on several important reviews of known results of the field. Such reviews were done for the first time and were used as a basis for the following Ph.D. dissertations. Thus, several important multifactor studies were done on several molecules. These studies and reviews lead to improve knowledges on the nucleation putative mechanism and lastly lead to submit experimentally supported assumptions.

He received a recognition title from the French Chemical Society for his work.

Further, he taught experimental superconductivity for 3 years during his Ph.D., field in which, he developped strong knowledges during his M.S. dissertation focused on Raman spectroscopy study of pnictide and 2H-NbSe2/NbS2 superconductors.

Prior to join Osha Liang, he worked in France as an in-house patent practitioner at the Paris-Saclay Technology Transfer Accelerator (SATT Paris-Saclay, hereafter SATT) for two years. His main mission was to secure the Intellectual Property assets (patents, softwares, know-how, etc.) of projects selected by the SATT. His daily work was divided into three main tasks : advising SATT on the management of a very broad portfolio of scientific and technical specialties regarding patent prosecution ; building and leading the IP strategies of the maturation programs ; and reviewing the industrial property assets of maturation projects submitted to SATT. Moreover, he taught and raised awareness of researchers, and project leaders on intellectual property prosecutions and challenges.


  • University of Strasbourg, Center for International Intellectual Property Studies, degree in patent law (2015)
  • Ecole Centrale de Paris (CentraleSupélec), Ph.D., Chemical Physics (2014)
  • Uppsala University, Sweden, M.S., Solid State Physics (2010)
  • University Pierre and Marie Curie (Sorbonne University), M.S., Materials and Nano-Physics (2010)
  • University Pierre and Marie Curie (Sorbonne University), B.S., Fundamental Physics (2008)


  • A new experimental setup for a high throughput controlled Non-Photochemical LASER-Induced Nucleation (NPLIN). Application to Glycine crystallization, 2014, J. Appl. Crystallogr., 47, 1252-1260.
  • Experimental demonstration of the carbamazepine crystallization from Non-Photochemical LASER-Induced Nucleation in acetonitrile and methanol, Growth & Design, 2014, 14, 3286-3299.
  • Amplitude Higgs mode in the 2H−NbSe2 superconductor, Phys. Rev. B 89, 060503(R).
  • Learning about crystal formation, International Innovation (2013) pp 44-46.


  • A new experimental device for LASER induced nucleation, Collaborative Conference on Crystal Growth (3CG), Orlando, Florida, United States of America, December 11-14, 2012.
  • New trends in nucleation induced by pulsed LASER: toward a new interpretation of the mechanism, French Chemical Society Conference, Lille, France, July 7-9, 2015.


  • Recognition title from the French Chemical Society, 2015


  • French Association of Industrial Property Specialists of the Industry
  • Center for International Intellectual Property Studies Alumni (board member)


  • French
  • English