Ali Sobhani, Ph.D.


Title: Patent Agent
Qualifications: U.S. Patent Agent

Location: Houston
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Dr. Ali Sobhani prosecutes foreign and domestic patents. Dr. Sobhani’s deep knowledge about U.S. patent law and broad technical knowledge helps clients to protect their inventions. Dr. Sobhani is a professional electrical engineer with experience in academic and industrial research in electrical engineering, nanotechnology, device fabrication, optics, nanophotonics, and spectroscopy.


Prior to Osha Liang, Dr. Sobhani worked as an R&D scientist at Cree Inc., which is a pioneer in developing and manufacturing blue/white LEDs, power electronics, and RF devices.


  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Rice University (2016)
  • M.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Rice University (2014)


  • First-author, “Narrowband Photodetection in the Near-infrared with a Plasmon-induced Hot Electron Device.” Nature communications. (2013)
  • Co-author, “Embedding Plasmonic Nanostructure Diodes Enhances Hot Electron Emission.” Nano letters. (2013)
  • First-author, “Enhancing the Photocurrent and Photoluminescence of Single Crystal Monolayer MoS2 with Resonant Plasmonic Nanoshells.” Applied Physics Letters. (2014)
  • First-author, “Pronounced Linewidth Narrowing of an Aluminum Nanoparticle Plasmon Resonance by Interaction with an Aluminum Metallic Film.” Nano letters  (2015)
  • Co-author, “Substrate-mediated Charge Transfer Plasmons in Simple and Complex Nanoparticle Clusters. (2013)
  • Co-author, “Towards UltraThin Layered Photodetectors and Photovoltaic Devices.” Advanced Materials. (2014)
  • Co-author, “Layer engineering of 2D semiconductor junctions.” Advanced Materials. (2016)
  • Co-author, “Imaging Through Plasmonic Nanoparticles.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (2016)
  • Co-author, “Absorption-induced Image Resolution Enhancement in Scattering Media.” ACS Photonics. (2016)
  • Co-author, “Combining Plasmonic Hot Carrier Generation with Free Carrier Absorption for High-performance Near-infrared Silicon-based Photodetection.” ACS Photonics 5. (2018)


  • English
  • Farsi