Galveston Oil Rig Museum Training Experience

On July 18, 2017, Partners Carlyn Burton and Aron Griffith led a group of Osha Liang employees, including Kevin Szymczak, Manak Basra, Keelin Hargadon, Emily Boggs, Sherrie Holdman, and Zac Schaefer, through the Ocean Star Offshore Oil Rig & Museum in Galveston, TX.  A retired rig turned learning center, the museum tells the story of the U.S. Gulf Coast’s oil and gas industry through three floors of interactive displays and fascinating exhibits.  The group explored the history and evolution of technological advances in offshore oil extraction, as well as viewed actual examples of equipment manufactured by several of the firm’s oilfield clients, such as drill bits, detailed models of various types of platforms, and safety equipment.

Osha Liang emphasizes the importance of training our new patent engineers and attorneys to ensure that we understand our clients’ technology.  We are also willing to attend our client’s in-house training sessions to further learn our client’s business starting from within.

Pictures from the event: