Intellectual Property Policy Promotion & Intellectual Property Service Introduction Conference of Hi-tech District (Binjiang), Hangzhou

By: Han-Mei Tso

The Intellectual Property Policy Promotion and Intellectual Property Service Introduction Conference of the Hi-tech District (Binjiang), Hangzhou (the “Conference”) was held on January 5, 2018 at “Intelligent e-Valley” in Binjiang District. More than 200 people from enterprises, as well as intellectual property service institutions and agencies in the Hi-tech District, attended the Conference.

Mr. Chunmin Yang, the Associate Counsel of Science and Technology Department (Intellectual Property Bureau) of Zhejiang Province and Mr. Jianjun Zheng, the Assistant of the District Mayor, delivered opening speeches at the start of the Conference. Subsequently, Mr. Yunxiang Jin, the Deputy Division Director of the SIPO, recited and interpreted relevant policies from the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Development of Patent Agency Industry” and introduced the current state regarding the development of the patent agency industry in China. Mr. Jin mentioned that the total revenue of China’s patent agency industry in 2016 was about 19.5 billion RMB, among which Beijing contributed 10.9 billion RMB, while Zhejiang contributed 0.43 billion RMB. He also mentioned that there are 92 patent agencies in Zhejiang Province, of which 70 patent agencies are located or have an office in the Hi-tech District (Binjiang), Hangzhou. Afterwards, Ms. Qiong Shi, the Deputy Director of Science and Technology Bureau of the Binjiang District, recited and explained Binjiang District’s intellectual property policy for 2018. It is noteworthy that in 2018, for the enterprises in the district, the Binjiang District Government’s subsidy for each patent application filed in a foreign patent office after obtaining a search report will be increased from 5000RMB to 10,000RMB, while the subsidy for each patent granted by EPO, USPTO and JPO will stay the same at 100,000RMB. This means that the Binjiang District Government will further encourage enterprises in the district to apply for patents in foreign countries, particularly in Europe, the United States, Japan, etc.

Another important event that occurred at the Conference was the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between the Science and Technology Bureau of the Binjiang District and six national intellectual property service agencies (ACIP, Hangcheng, IP Talant, JILY, CHOFN, and Incopat) which set up offices in the Binjiang District in 2017. The Science and Technology Bureau of the Binjiang District also signed strategic cooperation agreements with the CCPIT Intellectual Property Service Center, the State Intellectual Property Office Development Research Center, Intellectual Property Press Co., Ltd., Beijing Guozhi Patent Warning Consulting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Patent and Trademark Office Co., Ltd. and three other well-known Chinese intellectual property institutions and agencies. This indicates that the quality of intellectual property services in the Binjiang District will enhance and move towards a whole new level.

The organizer of the Conference also invited nearly 30 high-quality intellectual property service agencies and booths were set up for them to meet and communicate with IP managers of enterprises and institutions during the Conference. As the only representative office of a foreign intellectual property law firm in Hangzhou, Osha Liang Hangzhou Representative Office was invited to participate in the exhibition. Ms. Lu Han, the office manager, and Mr. Ken Yu, the patent engineer of Osha Liang Hangzhou Representative Office, attended the Conference and engaged in warm discussions and networking with IP managers from enterprises and professional colleagues from domestic intellectual property agencies. They shared Osha Liang’s profound experience in providing global intellectual property services with Conference attendees, as well as discussed the advantages of utilizing Osha Liang’s one-stop shop service through its worldwide offices. After many years of dedicated cultivation in Hangzhou, Osha Liang continues to be recognized as one of the most trusted intellectual property resources in Hangzhou’s metropolitan area.

See photos from the Conference below:

The Binjiang District Government and six Chinese national intellectual property service agencies signing the memorandum of cooperation

The Binjiang District Government and eight Chinese intellectual property agencies signing the strategic cooperation agreements

Lu Han, office manager, and Ken Ju, patent engineer, served at Osha Liang Hangzhou Representative Office’s booth at the Conference

Active participants of the Conference