Osha Liang and Shaanxi OEIC Successfully Hosted Salon Event “Strategy for International Patent Portfolio”

By Han-Mei Tso



  On December 6, 2018, the salon event “2018 Strategy for International Patent Portfolio” was held at the Shaanxi Institute of Advanced Optoelectronics Integrated Circuit Technology (“Shaanxi OEIC”). The event, co-hosted by Osha Liang and Shaanxi OEIC, was supported by Chiptronic Future Platform, Beijing Innotrack IP Law Firm, and Shaanxi Optoelectronic Integrated Industry and Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance.  In attendance were numerous representatives from local companies in Xi’an.

Osha Liang partner, Ms. Han-Mei Tso, presented topics relating to international patent strategy and local government subsidy policies. Specific issues discussed included: international patent application strategies, approaches to obtain foreign patents based on the PCT national phase and the Paris Convention, government subsidies for foreign filings, strategies for the U.S. national phase, accelerating patent examination in the U.S., and strategies for global patent portfolio planning. Thanks to Ms. Tso’s detailed explanation and analysis of these topics, the audience was able to better understand how to procure foreign patents and how to manage their own international patent portfolios. Meeting participants expressed their appreciation for the informative presentation.

At the close of the event, there was an engaging discussion which addressed the thoughts and needs of local companies. Osha Liang plans to work closely with Shaanxi OEIC, assisting Xi’an’s high-tech companies as they prepare for the international market.  The information and insight provided by Osha Liang regarding international IP practice will greatly assist companies and start-ups in Xian’s optoelectronics industry.