Osha Liang Attended the Hangzhou High-Tech District Intellectual Property Service Symposium

By: Han-Mei Tso

On April 18, 2018, Ms. Nan Bi, Director of the Department of Planning and Development of the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C., visited Hangzhou High-Tech District (Binjiang) with her group who conducted a survey on the intellectual property (“IP”) service industry in the area. Accompanied by officials from Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Office and Hangzhou High-Tech District (Binjiang) Government, Ms. Bi and her group learned about the National IP Service Cluster Development Pilot Area’s construction progress in Hangzhou’s High-Tech District (Binjiang). They also attended a formal symposium with ten intellectual property service agencies from Hangzhou’s High-Tech District.

Osha Liang’s Hangzhou Representative Office was the only foreign intellectual property firm invited to attend the symposium with Director Bi. During the symposium, Ms. Han Lu, Osha Liang’s Hangzhou office manager, presented a report demonstrating Osha Liang’s commitment to providing international IP services in China over the past five years.  Director Bi first acknowledged Osha Liang’s efforts , and then further emphasized the importance of training talent as well as building a team of foreign IP professionals, so as to enhance the quality of services regarding foreign IP practices. Director Bi also encouraged Osha Liang’s Hangzhou Representative Office to actively provide training to companies in the Hangzhou High-Tech District on foreign IP matters in various ways.

Director Bi also indicated that Hangzhou’s High-Tech District (Binjiang) thrives in a superior innovation environment. The development of IP services in the area is moving in a positive and effective direction. Agglomeration effect also highlights the notable achievement of the IP service industry in the area. Director Bi encouraged Hangzhou’s High-Tech District (Binjiang) to make further efforts to upgrade itself to the National IP Service Cluster Development Model Area by striving to make prominent achievements. With several years’ worth of efforts in Hangzhou and in China, Osha Liang continues to receive extensive praises from various companies and institutions for providing professional services, training and education on international IP matters.  Osha Liang is dedicated to continuously promoting international IP protection of cmopanies in Hangzhou and across the country.