Industry Trilateral and Trilateral Patent Office Meetings

The latest meeting of the Industry Trilateral was held in Tokyo, Japan on February 27 and 28, 2018.  The Industry Trilateral is made up of industry delegations from the United States, Europe and Japan and focuses on substantive patent law harmonization.  Key issues under consideration include grace period, prior user rights, conflicting applications, 18 month publication, and the definition of prior art.  Following the two days of meetings in Tokyo, the delegations moved to Hakone for the annual Trilateral Patent Office Heads meeting with the Industry Trilateral.  The agenda included a report from the Industry Trilateral as well as updates from USPTO, JPO, EPO and WIPO leadership.  The Offices also discussed challenges associated with the 4th Industrial Revolution and applications of artificial intelligence to the patenting process.

Managing partner Jonathan Osha participated in these meetings in his role as a member of the AIPLA Harmonization Committee.

Photo from the event: