Osha Liang Sponsors DCFemTech’s 4th Annual Awards

Osha Liang is once again a proud sponsor of DCFemTech, the coalition of women leaders aimed at lowering the barriers to entry for women in tech by amplifying the efforts of women in tech organizations. The DCFemTech Awards will recognize Power Women in Code, Design, and Data based in the Washington, DC region. Nominated by their community, these women are working in the trenches of tech to help their company or organization achieve success, sometimes entirely behind the scenes.  On May 7th, the organization and its members will host a reception at The Washington Post to celebrate the recipients and nominees.  Representing Osha Liang at the event will be partner Seema Mehta.  For more information on the event, click here.

DCFemTech aims to support organizations that enable women to build their skills and create communities in the tech scene while also encouraging companies to make it a priority to hire talented women engineers, designers, data scientists and other tech leaders. The awards program was conceptualized to focus exclusively on the DC region’s women engineers and programmers, as opposed to awards that recognize women working in non-technical roles at technology companies.