Protecting and Monetizing Software Using Intellectual Property


Intellectual property rights include patents, industrial designs, trademark, trade secret, and copyright protection. While patent protection may be appropriate for some software products, other rights may also form a “fence” to prevent competitors from copying an invention. Successful companies trying to mitigate the risk of their consumer-critical features and products being copied by their competitors may need to take into account different balancing factors such as the selected IP assets, the countries where those assets are sought, and other factors such as costs for obtaining the IP. A case study focused on software products will be used to illustrate how to address strategic IP protection concerns.

Osha Liang Partner Jeffery P. Langer, Ph.D. will be speaking on “Protecting and Monetizing Software using Intellectual Property” hosted by the Technology Transfer Center.  Dr. Langer will focus on practical approaches to balance the above factors and to obtain international IP that provides you and your company with a valuable commercial resource in the form of IP assets. An overview of the paths to monetization and how IP assets support those paths will also be discussed.

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Dr. Langer will also be presenting on this same topic in Tainan City, Taiwan on October 19, 2016 from 2:00-4:30 p.m. located at No. 12 Nanke 2nd Rd., Xinshi District, Tainan City, Taiwan.