Alternative Energy

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energyOsha Liang’s Green Team addresses the wide range of issues that develop in the fast-growing field of renewable energy. The team’s experience runs the gamut from the sciences such as chemistry and physics, to project development and trading.

Alternative energy represents a broad space in an emerging field of innovation, and Osha Liang’s alternative energy team advocates for its clients when they want to capitalize on new innovations in the areas of renewable electric generation technology, energy efficiency, emissions reduction and sequestration technologies, and energy storage.

From its offices strategically placed near the epicenter of the innovation in the alternative energy industry, Osha Liang actively represents several clients in the alternative energy industry, including those involved in power generation, batteries, and fuel cells. The depth and breadth of technical talent in alternative energy-related technologies allows Osha Liang to provide uncompromising service in the areas of patent procurement, opinion work, portfolio management, licensing, trademark protection, technology valuation, copyright protection, and litigation.

In addition to domestic expertise in intellectual property matters, Osha Liang is experienced in securing patent protection for its clients in various other countries. The firm’s global prosecution expertise ensures that its clients’ inventions are properly protected, and with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, together with many associate firms around the world, Osha Liang helps clients develop and execute a comprehensive and cost-effective intellectual property protection strategy.

Green Publications and Presentations:

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“Significant Changes For Expediting Wind Patent Applications,” by Tim Smith and Aly Dossa, North American Windpower, November 2010. Click here to view
“Reading the Fine Print: How Do Government Funds Affect Intellectual Property?” by Tim Smith, Aly Dossa, and Jennifer Morton, Solar Industry, October 2010. Click here to download
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“Strategically Securing and Protecting Intellectual Property in the Wind Industry,” presented by Robert Lord at the WindPower 2010 Conference. Click here to download
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