Industries Served

chemicalOsha Liang, has a premiere chemical and petrochemical patent practice, supported by a team of professionals with relevant training and experience. To obtain proper protection in this constantly evolving industry, the firm employs IP professionals who not only are well versed in chemistry, engineering, and materials sciences, but also are experienced in patent matters throughout the world.

At Osha Liang, we appreciate intellectual property as a major asset to any chemical or petrochemical company and realize good patent protection is a necessity to our clients. Good patent protection starts with IP professionals who understand the relevant technologies and legal requirements, and, with this in mind, our team of professionals have training and experience relevant to various chemical industries, including research and industry experience.

In keeping with our firm philosophy, we believe the key to developing a strong IP portfolio is having technically strong individuals working on it. Our hands-on expertise, achieved in actual industry settings or in premier research institutions, covers a wide range of disciplines, including organic and physical chemistry, chemical engineering, polymer science, catalysis, materials science, and others. In addition to our unsurpassed technical expertise, we have experience in securing patent protection for our clients in nearly every country in the world.

From a prosecution standpoint, issues such as enablement, written description, and best mode appear more frequently in the chemical context than any other field. From an enforcement perspective, having a strong technical background is essential to making determinations as to validity and infringement. Our chemical group can assist with the business decisions of where and what to file, providing optimal patent protection to our clients.

Osha Liang represents chemical and petrochemical clients in a wide array of areas including oil and gas production, upstream processing, downstream processing, polymers, and various other chemical and petrochemical processes.