Industries Served

financialProtecting innovation in the financial industry is more critical than ever. Financial institutions and financial service companies worldwide are now appreciating the value of intellectual property within its own industry and protecting these assets at an incredible pace. Osha Liang is a leader in acquiring enforceable protection of intellectual property within the financial industry based, in part, on the numerous talented professionals with a unique combination of technical, legal, and business skills. In addition to the renowned legal and technical competence, numerous professionals at Osha Liang possess actual industry experience and/or advanced business degrees. The unique blend of talents allows Osha Liang to strategically protect the assets of its financial clients throughout the world by offering services such as patent procurement, opinion work, portfolio management, licensing, trademark protection, technology valuation, copyright protection, and litigation.

Osha Liang is experienced as an advocate of financial innovation for numerous clients in a wide range of disciplines, including tax preparation, corporate financial management, personal financial management, real estate portfolio management, realty services, economic forecasting, credit services, and merchant verification systems.