Industries Served

manufacturingOsha Liang has significant IP experience in all aspects of manufacturing. Specifically, various members of the firm have industry experience in a wide variety of manufacturing processes. In addition to patent procurement, members of the firm have experience in licensing and litigating intellectual property in the manufacturing arena. A brief introduction to the various industries served is provided below. More in-depth information may be found by visiting the other industry pages.

Basic Chemical

In the basic chemical area, Osha Liang has significant experience in all aspects of basic chemical manufacturing. A specific area of expertise is in the formulation and catalysis of petrochemical compounds, including polymerization catalysis experience. The firm has a large practice devoted to gasoline refining, formulation, and remediation. Specifics on this practice may be found in the oil and gas practice area.

Osha Liang represents clients in the organic chemical area, including experience ranging in such areas as dyes, epoxides, benzene and sulfur remediation, ethers, and pharmaceutical products. From an inorganic standpoint, the firm has experience with salts, metal compounds, other minerals, and the atmosphere. This overlaps with our Alternative Energy practice, which seeks to protect IP in environmentally friendly technologies. For a detailed description of this experience, please see the Alternative Energy practice page.

Synthetic Chemicals and Films

Osha Liang has experience with IP surrounding the manufacture of synthetic materials, which encompasses a wide variety of finished products, including common plastic materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polystyrene. Additionally, we represent clients who produce plastic materials used for mixing and blending resins on a custom basis. The firm is also involved with clients who manufacture films, sheets, and laminate materials for food packaging and other applications.

Software and Consumer Electronics Manufacturing

Osha Liang represents small and large companies in the computer and electronic product manufacturing industry, who produce computers, computer-related products, such as printers, communications equipment, and home electronic equipment, as well as a wide range of goods used for commercial purposes. Our attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with the manufacture and testing of semiconductors and circuit boards. More information on the professionals in this area may be found on the software and consumer electronics industry pages.


The firm has experience in the manufacture and processing of metal, which includes specialized drills, grinders, molds, presses, and rollers needed to form metal, as well as the accessories used by these machines.

Mining (Non-Oil & Gas)

In addition to Osha Liang’s oil and gas practice, the firm has significant experience with representing companies in surface and underground mining for the extraction of resources, or in construction projects.


Osha Liang has years of industry experience in the manufacture and processing of optical devices, including lenses, cameras, precision positioning equipment, laser devices, measuring devices, and machinery to make optical lenses.

Engines, turbine, and Power Transmission

The firm is involved in the IP acquisition and enforcement of a wide variety of technologies in this sector. Representative technologies serviced include turbine manufacture, gears, speed changers, clutches, drive chains, and pulleys.Additional representative technologies includethe manufacture of diesel and other internal combustion engines and their components that are used to power portable generators, air compressors, pumps, and other equipment.


The firm has extensive experience in all aspects of automotive manufacturing, including electrical and electronic equipment, engines and transmissions, brake systems, seating and interior trim, headlights, exhaust systems, steering and suspension components, and air-conditioners. Furthermore, we have experience in motor vehicle stampings, such as fenders, tops, body parts, trim, and molding.


Osha Liang’s representative experience in printing includes lithography and plateless processes, which are in the digital printing segment of the industry. Representative work done by the firm includes electronic, electrostatic, or inkjet printing.


The firm has experience in securing and protecting IP in the manufacture of steel, which involves a complex mix of chemical and material properties. Some of our representative technologies involve the manufacture of steel wire, pipe, bars, rods, and sheets. In addition, the firm has experience in the manufacture of pipes and tubes, and in alloying steel, which involves the selective doping of the steel to achieve desired properties.


The firm represents clients in the textile manufacturing industry, including companies involved in the manufacture of automotive upholstery, carpets and rugs, and chemical or mechanical treatments performed on fiber, yarn, or fabric to improve appearance, texture, or performance.

General Purpose

In addition to the various technology areas described above, members of the firm have experience in pumps, compressors, and welding and soldering equipment.