Industries Served

nanotechnologyNanotechnology represents a new frontier full of exciting potential and finds potential applications in many areas, including materials, electronics, and medicine. To help our clients capitalize on their new inventions in these areas, Osha Liang has assembled a team of professionals with training and experience in a wide range of areas, including chemistry, electronics, engineering, physics, biomedical sciences, and computer science.

The firm represents several clients in the nanotechnology industry, including those involved in the design synthesis of new and improved carbon nanotubes, and those involved in the applications of such materials.

In addition to the exceptional depth of our technical expertise, we are also experienced in securing patent protection for our clients in various countries. Our global prosecution expertise ensures that our clients’ inventions are properly protected, and our offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, together with many associate firms around the world, enable Osha Liang to help clients develop and execute a comprehensive and cost-effective IP protection strategy.

The firm provides several IP-related services to facilitate various aspects of our clients’ operations. Such services include legal opinion on freedom to operate, structuring and negotiating contracts and licenses, facilitating research and development collaborations, planning and developing intellectual property portfolios, and enforcing and defending intellectual property rights.