Industries Served

oilSince Osha Liang was founded, the firm has focused on servicing the needs of its oil and gas clientele. Members of the firm have experience in preparing, prosecuting, litigating, and licensing patents in all aspects of oil and gas discovery, development, and production. Our experience spans the gamut from drilling, transport, production, and refining, to the formation of products, such as gasoline, diesel, specialty chemicals, as well as polymers and other end products manufactured. We also have experience in drafting of applications related to formation of ethylene from methane, water quench processes associated with separation and recovery of olefins, C2/C3 splitters, as well as alkylation, transalkylation and hydrogenation of benzene.

In addition to patent preparation and prosecution experience, patent engineers, patent agents, and patent attorneys at Osha Liang have industry experience related to the various petrochemical areas mentioned. Associated with this industry experience, individuals at Osha Liang were inventors and participated in the patent preparation and prosecution, from the inventor side, on more than a dozen patent applications associated with polymers, polymerization processes and polymerization catalysts. Our unparalleled experience enables the patent engineers, agents and attorneys at Osha Liang to better communicate with inventors regarding disclosures and the patent application drafting and prosecution process. Representative areas that the firm has experience in include:

Exploration, Drilling, Production, and Remediation

Our firm has experience related to all aspects of exploration, drilling, production, and remediation including seismic and other geophysical techniques for exploration, simulation techniques, and all other various exploration related processes. Members of the firm have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of OCTG’s, drill bits, rig design, and well fluids.

Downstream Refining

Members at the firm have experience related to various processes including cracking, reforming, hydrodesulfurization, etherification, alkylation, transalkylation, and the various catalysts, reactors, and separation devices associated with such processes.


Individuals at the firm have experience drafting and prosecuting patents related to the manufacture of metallocene catalysts, chromium based catalysts, and bimetallic catalysts, among others, for the production of polyolefins, selective hydrogenation catalysts, MTBE backcracking catalysts, and catalyst feed, distribution, recovery and regeneration, among other areas.


Our firm has experience drafting and prosecuting patents related to polymerization, inclusive of polyolefins (polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and polyisobutylene, among others), polyurethanes, and epoxies, among others, and polymer use, inclusive of films, foams, fibers and fabrics, composites, dispersions, and toners, among others.

Liquefied Petrochemical Gases

Members at the firm are familiar with various processes for the recovery and use of propane and butane, such as in their recovery from Natural Gas, propane/propylene splitters, debutanizers and deisobutanizers, gained from the related experience in olefins and refining, as described above, as well as from work experience and education.