Industries Served

pharmaceuticalWe understand the time and resources it takes to develop a new drug, and therefore believe obtaining a broad-scope, solid patent protection for any new pharmaceutical is imperative for pharmaceutical companies. When obtaining proper protection for pharmaceutical inventions, it is imperative to have IP professionals who are not only well versed in chemistry, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences but also are experienced in patent prosecution.

At Osha Liang, we appreciate intellectual property as a major asset to any pharmaceutical company and realize good patent protection is a necessity to our clients. Our team of Ph.D. and M.S. professionals with training relevant to the pharmaceutical industry was recruited specifically with this in mind. Our professionals have research or industry experience and our expertise covers a wide range of disciplines, including organic and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, molecular modeling, molecular dynamics/simulations, mechanism-based (suicide) enzyme inhibition, receptor agonist/antagonist design, biochemistry, immunology, and biology.

In addition to our exceptional technical expertise, we are also experienced in securing patent protection for our clients in various countries. Pharmaceutical patent prosecution needs a well-thought out plan, and because new drugs take approximately 10 years and cost millions of dollars to develop, our top priority is how to get the most out of each invention. Because the novelty and inventiveness requirements vary from country to country, our professionals and their experience in global prosecution serve as an important element throughout every step of protecting our clients’ valuable inventions.