Industries Served

powerThe power industry is evolving on many fronts, including smart meters, more efficient transmission and distribution of power, transformation of power, distributed generation, storage, hybrid systems, and advanced control systems. The innovation associated with the evolution must be protected.

Osha Liang’s power team includes individuals with technical, business, and legal experience in engineering, project management, and project development in countless aspects of the power industry. The mix of broad-based experience in the power industry and an exceptionally talented team of legal professionals with technical abilities allows Osha Liang to consistently fulfill the intellectual property needs of our clients.

The depth and breadth of talent in power-related technologies allows Osha Liang to provide uncompromising service in the areas of patent procurement, opinion work, portfolio management, licensing, trademark protection, technology valuation, copyright protection, and litigation.

In addition to domestic expertise in intellectual property matters, Osha Liang is experienced in securing intellectual property protection for its clients in various other countries. The firm’s global expertise ensures that its clients’ intellectual property is properly protected, and with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, together with many associate firms around the world, Osha Liang helps clients develop and execute a comprehensive and cost-effective intellectual property protection strategy.