Osha Liang LLP Recognized as a Top Firm for Patent Allowance in USPTO’s Technology Center 2100

HOUSTON, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Osha Liang LLP has achieved a top-10 ranking by Juristat in patent examination allowance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Technology Center 2100, the law firm said today.

The USPTO’s TC 2100 provides examination for patent applications including computer archi-tecture, software and information security. With an allowance rate of 89.43 percent, Osha Liang was recognized as a leader in the area of software technology.

The TC 2100-selected law firms were among IP Today’s top firms for 2015 and have at least 100 disposed applications in the technology center.

Jonathan P. Osha, Osha Liang’s managing partner, said, “We are pleased to be included among the national law firm leaders in this area of patent law. This recognition reflects our firm’s con-tinued momentum and strong results for our clients throughout the world.”

According to the USPTO, TC 2100 handles computer-related applications, including applications touching on data processing, memory, and artificial intelligence. Its overall allowance rate is 66.2 percent, which is slightly below the USPTO average of 71.3 percent. In terms of average speed to disposition, it takes an average of 40.6 months to prosecute an application in TC 2100, which is slightly slower than the USPTO average of 35.8 months.

Osha added, “We are especially proud of the firm’s allowance results for our clients in the after-math of last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Alice v. CLS Bank case, which narrowed the patentability of some computer-implemented inventions. The proactive approach we are taking in this area continues to generate valuable patent rights for our clients.”