Osha Liang Ranked Among Top 100 U.S. Firms for Minority Attorneys

Law360 recently released its inaugural results of the “Top 100 Firms for Minority Attorneys” survey and Osha Liang ranked 23rd on the top 100 list of U.S. law firms that were ranked.   This ranking, based on each firm’s minority representation at both the partner and non-partner levels, illustrates Osha Liang’s commitment to multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.

According to Law360’s 2016 Diversity Snapshot of the U.S. law firms surveyed by Law360, less than 15 percent of attorneys are minorities, and less than 9 percent are minority partners.  Also, at many of the top 100 firms for minority attorneys, minorities make up at least 15 percent of the partnership ranks, as compared with 8.4 percent across all other U.S. firms surveyed by Law360.

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“The Top 100 Firms for Minority Attorneys”