Osha Liang Ranked Top Law Firm in PTAB Litigation Diversity

Osha Liang was recently named the law firm with the highest ratio of female attorneys working on Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) patent cases, according to Docket Alarm’s statistics and as reported in Patently-O’s blog post.  According to the statistics, 72% of Osha Liang’s AIA-Trial representations are staffed by female attorneys.

The blog post points out the fact that “Patent litigation is dominated by male attorneys. Of the top 100 law firms, 55 have less than 10% female attorneys on cases, and 8 firms have never had a single female attorney work on their PTAB AIA-Trial cases. On average, attorney appearances are only 12% female. When representing patent owners, the percentage of female attorneys drops further to 9.8%.”

At Osha Liang, we are an intellectual property firm built upon the experiences drawn from our diverse backgrounds,” said managing partner Jonathan Osha.  “This diversity not only makes Osha Liang a fun and interesting place to work, but also helps our attorneys relate to our clients who themselves stem from diverse backgrounds.

Osha Liang was also recognized last year by Law360 as one of the “Top 100 U.S. Firms for Minority Attorneys.