Osha Liang supports Comp-U-Dopt as it celebrates 10 years and 10,000 computers

Do you know where your old computers go?  Over 90 percent of corporate and individual computers end up in landfills, well before their use-by date.  In fact, the life cycle of a computer in a corporate environment is typically less than three years.  While no longer able to meet the demands of the workplace, these lightly used tools could be a dream come true for a child without a computer at home.

Comp-U-Dopt is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide technology access and education to under-served youth.  Since its founding in 2007 by Osha Liang managing partner Jonathan Osha, Comp-U-Dopt has touched literally thousands of lives – by taking corporate computers, testing and providing necessary repairs, wiping hard drives to meet Department of Defense standards, loading them with an extensive suite of educational programs, and distributing them to young learners in need.  In addition, Comp-U-Dopt provides free technical education programs that have given thousands of students in grades 3-12 technical literacy skills through engaging after-school program activities.  Comp-U-Dopt’s work at a new Humble ISD School was featured in a May 9th article in the Houston Chronicle (click here to access).

Comp-U-Dopt currently covers 9,600 square miles across the greater Houston, Texas area.  Would you like to see Comp-U-Dopt’s computer adoption program and after-school technical education classes is your area?  Comp-U-Dopt is seeking corporate and logistical partners to expand its activities throughout the United States and internationally.  Please contact Comp-U-Dopt Executive Director, Megan Steckly at megan@compudopt.org if you would like to participate or have any suggestions for partner organizations.

Over the last 10 years, Comp-U-Dopt has achieved the following milestones:

  • Delivered almost 10,000 refurbished computers to children in under-served communities;
  • Provided free technology education to nearly 10,000 students in grades 3-8; and
  • Helped more than 450 high school students learn the basics of computer hardware and software engineering, with program graduates earning a free, refurbished laptop to advance their studies.

Despite these outstanding results, there is still work to be done. Nationally, only 50 percent of families living at the poverty line have a computer at home. In the greater Houston area, there are an estimated 133,000 families without computers at home. In our techno-savvy world, families without access to computers face significant challenges as employment services and other critical life needs become increasingly reliant on new technology. For children and students, early access to technology and computer literacy is even more essential to ensure their success in educational pursuits, careers and, ultimately, their lives.

In October 2017, Comp-U-Dopt will distribute its 10,000th computer to a local Houston student and celebrate its 10th Anniversary at the annual Oktoberfest event on October 19th at Axelrad Beer Garden.   Tickets are available here: https://oktoberfest2017.auction-bid.org/microsite/

So, do you know where your used computers go?  Please ask!  Perhaps they could be going to Comp-U-Dopt to help a young person in your community access the tools needed for a 21st century education and bright future.  Comp-U-Dopt accepts computers, monitors, or laptops from individuals, organizations, and corporations and can provide Certificates of Erasure for all equipment donated.  For donors who prefer to wipe hard drives in-house, Comp-U-Dopt can provide free software for this purpose.  Comp-U-Dopt does not re-use the operating system or any of the donor’s software.  All cash and equipment donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

More information on Comp-U-Dopt’s programs can be found at: www.compudopt.org or by contacting the Executive Director, Megan Steckly at 713-426-2330×1354 or megan@compudopt.org

Osha Liang has supported Comp-U-Dopt every year since 2007 as a philanthropic, gift-in-kind, event, and volunteer partner.