Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang) Science and Technology Bureau and Osha Liang LLP Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

By Han-Mei Tso

On September 5, 2018, Mr. John Osha, the managing partner of Osha Liang LLP (hereinafter “Osha Liang”), and Ms. Han-Mei Tso, the chief representative of Osha Liang Hangzhou Representative Office (hereinafter “Osha Liang Hangzhou”) met with Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang) Science and Technology Bureau (hereinafter “Science and Technology Bureau”).  During the meeting, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to deepen international cooperation between both organizations in the field of intellectual property.

In the beginning of the meeting, Director Tang of the Science and Technology Bureau provided an overview of the basic situation of China’s Binjiang District.  As one of the first batch of high-tech zones set up by the State Council, the Binjiang District has cultivated a group of well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, NetEase and Hikvision. In particular, the Binjiang District serves the role of guiding, driving, and expanding the development of China’s Zhejiang Province.  In terms of intellectual property work, the Binjiang District has officially established the Hangzhou High-Tech Zone (Binjiang) Sub-Center of the China (Zhejiang) Intellectual Property Rights Aid Center, which passed the review of the National Development Demonstration Zone of Intellectual Property Services Cluster.

Furthermore, Director Tang expressed hope that Osha Liang would play a leading and driving role in providing more enterprises with better services in the Binjiang District. Later, Mr. Lv, the head of intellectual property rights division of the Science and Technology Bureau, introduced in detail the work of the High-Tech Zone.  For example, Mr. Lv highlighted the High-Tech Zone’s work in the creation, protection, implementation, and service of intellectual property rights. The High-Tech Zone has been especially active in advocating policies and measures to promote the internationalization of intellectual property rights.  Likewise, Mr. Osha described the history of Osha Liang and the firm’s role in being an international, high quality intellectual property service model for clients.

During the discussion, Director Tang noted how the Osha Liang connection would serve to promote recognition of the firm’s services within Hangzhou City.  In particular, she added that Osha Liang would have access to the established information platform between service agencies and enterprises.  Moreover, the Science and Technology Bureau would also actively promote the Osha Liang connection with the top 50 export enterprises in the district along with research and development centers overseas.  In addition, Osha Liang also plans to launch a WeChat public account in China to share global intellectual property trends with domestic enterprises and institutions quickly to broaden the international vision of intellectual property rights of domestic enterprises and institutions.

Mr. Osha, Ms. Tso and the leaders of the High-Tech Zone Science and Technology Bureau had a lively discussion.

Subsequently, the two organizations  had an in-depth discussion on issues such as strengthening industrial innovation, provisioning intellectual property information services, and developing IP professionals.  The two parties reached a consensus on further cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement represented by Mr. Osha and Director Tang, respectively. The visit ended with a friendly handshake between Mr. Osha and Director Tang.  Osha Liang will continue to make Hangzhou its Chinese center, further cultivating the Chinese market with efficient and high-quality overseas intellectual property services for Chinese enterprises.


Mr. Osha shook hands with Director Tang after signing the agreement.

Mr. Osha and Director Tang signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement.

*For an official report of this event by the Zhejiang Intellectual Property Office: http://www.zjpat.gov.cn/interIndex.do?  method=draftinfo&draftId=4aeb4c53-6579becb-0165-c15be46e-0012