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Aug 2016

Kuwait has joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty

By: Francesca Giovannini Kuwait has joined the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) by depositing its Instrument of Accession to the PCT on 9 June 2016, thus becoming the 149th Contracting State of the PCT. Since the PCT will officially come into effect in Kuwait on 9 September 2016, a first consequence is that any PCT application filed on or after 9 September 2016 will automatically include the…

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Jul 2016

Opposition Proceedings Before the European Patent Office: A New, Streamlined Procedure

By: Francesca Giovannini The European Patent Office (EPO) has revised the workflow of opposition proceedings with the general aim of providing early certainty from opposition. More particularly, the goal of the revised workflow, which came into effect on July 1, 2016, is to reduce the total time needed for a first-instance decision in “straightforward cases” to 15 months starting from expiry of the nine month opposition period. According…

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Jun 2016

Brexit: Consequences on Patent Prosecution in Europe

By: Francesca Giovannini The UK’s decision of leaving the European Union has shocked global markets and unleashed uncertainty. Although this decision is likely to impact the date at which Europe’s Unified Patent Court (UPC) can begin operations, the current routes available to applicants for obtaining patent protection in Europe are unchanged. Multinational patent protection in Europe may still be obtained by filing European patent applications and…

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Mar 2016

Deciding Whether To Opt Out of the Unified Patent Court

By: Francesca Giovannini Although the precise timing is still unknown, one possible timetable would have Europe’s Unified Patent Court (UPC) begin operations by mid-2017. If the UPC Agreement indeed enters into force within that period, then the so-called “provisional period” could start between the end of 2016 and early 2017. The provisional period is intended to allow, among other things, the start of the recording…

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