Introducing our new Managing Partner: Jeffrey Bergman


Osha Liang is pleased to announce the election of Jeffrey Bergman as the new Managing Partner of Osha Liang LLP, effective immediately.

Jeffrey Bergman joined the firm in 1999 as a recent graduate from the Master’s program in Chemistry at Cornell University.  He participated in the firm’s Patent Agent Training Program, and thereafter attended law school at night while working full-time as an agent.  He became an associate attorney with the firm in 2003 and a partner in 2007.  In addition to Mr. Bergman’s widely recognized excellence in practice, his vision and commitment to the firm’s mission over the last two decades have been driving forces behind Osha Liang’s success and growth both in the U.S. and internationally.  We look forward to the coming years under Jeff’s leadership and guidance, and congratulate him on his new role at the firm.

Jonathan Osha, firm founder and former Managing Partner, will now serve as Osha Liang’s Global Chair. This new position will focus on coordination of the firm’s international operations and aligns with Mr. Osha’s longstanding commitment to the international IP community.