Texas Bar College Welcomes Partner Robert Lord

The Texas Bar College

AUSTIN – The Texas Bar College congratulates Robert P. Lord on his membership in the College.

With over 17 years of IP legal experience under his belt, Mr. Lord relies on a wealth of sound legal and business-savvy approaches to solving client’s IP issues.  Mr. Lord manages over 3,000 active matters for numerous medium-to-large companies, while still being intimately involved in daily patent prosecution matters. Mr. Lord develops and leads IP teams for optimal results, blending skill sets to obtain desired results at the lowest cost and on a timely basis. Additionally, he handles IP litigation, IP portfolio management, licensing, and ITC/Federal Court litigation in the fields of software engineering, business methods, and computer engineering.

The Texas Bar College, the only organization in the United States formed for this purpose,  is an honorary society of lawyers, chartered by the Supreme Court of Texas in 1981, to recognize and encourage lawyers who maintain and enhance their professional skills and the quality of their service to the public by completing at least double the required hours of continuing legal education each year.  The College also sponsors or otherwise assists in educational activities of significant merit and widespread relevance and applicability to the legal profession.